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Remember the original Stargate movie starring James Spader and Kurt Russell that kickstarted the TVshows?  Well, creators Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich are now interested in making sequels to that film, almost 20 years later.  Devlin said to the Hollywood Reporter,

Stargate has always had this empty hole.  When we made the first one, we always intended on doing part two and three, and we were prevented for years. And our hope is that we can get another chance at Stargate and tell the entire story we wanted to tell.”

Hmmm, but after 3 different TV shows (SG1, SGA and SGU) expanding that universe immensely, it will be interesting to see whether they set their new Stargate films in the same universe or not.

Though I thought the TV shows were MUCH better than the original film, I think this is great news!  If those movies can be successful, maybe MGM will see that there is an audience for another Stargate show or maybe they will complete the SGA and SGU movies that they had at one time promised us!  At this point, any Stargate news is good news!  Now lets see what is announced at Comic-Con this week.


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Great news for all you Stargate Universe fans!  Though the series has ended (at least for now, I still have hope of a return one day), it is still receiving recognition for the amazing show that it was as it won 5 of the 6 Constellation Awards (which are the Canadian Sci-Fi film and television awards) that it was nominated for!  Take note Syfy and MGM!

Below are all of the nominations (the ones SGU won are bolded)!

  • Best Male Performance in a 2011 Sci-Fi TV episode: Robert Carlyle, Twin Destinies OR David Blue, Gauntlet
  • Best Female Performance in a 2011 Sci-Fi TV episode: Ming Na, Epilogue OR Alaina Huffman, Epilogue
  • Best Sci-Fi TV Series
  • Best Technical Accomplishment in a 2011 Sci-Fi TV show/ Film: Joel Goldsmith, Music
  • Best 2011 Sci-Fi Film or TV show Script: Twin Destinies, written by Brad Wright
  • Outstanding Canadian Contribution to Sci-Fi Film or TV in 2011: Stargate Universe

Congrats to the entire cast and crew that made this amazing show what it was!  It is such a shame that this show ended the way it did.


Remember Stargate Universe Virtual Season 3 I wrote about the other day?  Well it is back online in full (all 8 scripts) for free at Laurence Moroney’s website: http://www.philotic.com/stargate/.  I guess whatever was going on behind the scenes didn’t work out.  That’s too bad but at least the scripts are back online for all to enjoy!

Here is his Facebook status update in regards to this:

‎”For those of you who are interested, the Virtual Season 3 of SGU is back online. It was taken offline for a very good reason, which I’ll disclose the full details of someday, but it’s back online for now…

Read it and see what might have been…”

Still, it provides great closure to a series that ended too soon.  Thanks for the effort Laurence, the fans appreciate it!


Stargate Universe has been nominated for 8 Constellation (Canadian Science Fiction) Awards.  This Facebook fan page is trying to generate support for SGU and YOU can help.  Log on to Facebook, join the group, read the description and follow the instructions!  You never know, 8 wins could be enough to show Syfy we want a movie, book or at least some form of closure to this great series and franchise!  Well, what are you waiting for?  GO do it!

NOTE: Apparently David Hewlett (Rodney McKay of Stargate Atlantis) bought many of the set pieces from SGU after it ended.  Thats pretty awesome and makes a possible SGU movie much more plausible! :)  Read about it here.

On Sunday, the official Stargate SG1 Facebook page posted the following:

Wow what a day! Tonight the Stargate Convention in Vancouver, is buzzing with excitement about an earlier announcement made by independent producer, Darren Thomas. Fans were treated to previously unreleased news about MGM’s collaboration on a new SG-1 App designed for smart phones and tablets. The scoop from Thomas is that MGM is reviving SG-1 albeit in a new format- music to the ears of many fans around the world. Thomas didn’t want to divulge more, but he did say that “plans are underway and I wish I could tell you more. The good news is that we will be unveiling something big at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego”. But in the meantime stay tuned for more information right here on the SG-1 official MGM page.

Does this mean SG1 is returning to TV?  Sadly, the answer is most likely not.

Half of the main (original) cast is very busy with their own projects.  Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson) is on Saving Grace and Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter) is the lead in Sanctuary.  Christopher Judge (Teal’c) has a small part in the upcoming Dark Knight Sequel too apparently.  Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O’Neill) was a guest star last year on Fairly Legal and although he is probably free, he is 62 now, a little old to be playing a soldier.  And Don S. Davis (George Hammond) sadly passed away back in 2008.

As well, Michael Shanks tweeted in response to this that he is not involved at all.

According to research done by Gateworld, it is most likely a video game of some sort.

So in conclusion, Stargate still looks to be done on TV for a while.  But you never know, if this SG1 video game sells well and the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, is successful in theaters, maybe MGM will be more financially stable, putting it in a better position to relaunch Stargate back to the small screen!



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