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Though I was SUPER dissapointed that Syfy decided not to go ahead with Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome as a series a few months ago, I am still eagerly anticipating the airing of the pilot as a 2-hour movie.  You never know, if it gets good enough ratings and reception, they could change their minds!  But regardless, I need more BSG!  MOAR!

Adding to this excitement is news that Tricia Helfer, who played CylonNumber Six in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica, may have been involved in Blood & Chrome!  She recently said,

“I can’t really say without giving away a little surprise, possibly, except to say maybe (there’s) a little something I had to do with it.”

Well that’s cool!  Any involvement from the original cast would be interesting to see in my opinion!  Unfortunately, there’s still no word on when Syfy will air the pilot, but I’m hoping its soon!  I really can’t wait!  I watched that unofficial trailer set to Trent Reznor/ Karen O’s “Immigrant Song” like 50 times when it came out.

Are you excited to see Blood & Chrome?  Comment below!


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Who Is A Better Pilot?

Hey!  Random Question of the day!  Who is a better pilot?  Wash from Firefly/ Serenity or Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica?

This is a close one!  Both are very experienced pilots but in 2 very different lines of duty; Wash is a highly skilled transport ship pilot who has shown time and time again his skills in the cockpit, escaping from flesh-hungry Reavers, the Alliance and other enemies several times.  Starbuck too, through her experiences fighting the Cylons, has shown that she was the best pilot in the fleet, even piloting a crashed Cylon Raider back to Galactica unharmed!

What do you think?  Vote in the poll below and comment why!



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