Since the warm weather is finally here and it seems like it is officially Summer, I thought I would give a quick breakdown of some of the most anticipated sci-fi, horror and fantasy movies to see this summer.  Enjoy!

- Chernobyl Diaries: May 25

Produced by Oren Peli, the guy who made Paranormal Activity, Chernobyl Diaries follows a group of young people exploring  Pripyat, the city where the Chernobyl nuclear incident occurred.  Of course, there are nuclear zombies wandering and they are hungry so of course, it will be a fight to survive.  It currently has a mediocre 36% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes so as most modern horror flicks are, it will probably be full of by crappy acting and clichés throughout.  Might be worth a watch if you’re a horror fan as I’ve heard that it is, despite its many flaws, still pretty scary.

- Men In Black 3: May 25

The long awaited third instalment in the MIB series revolves around Agent J trying to stop a time-travelling alien assassin!  How awesome does that sound!?!  It has already recieved pretty decent reviews from critics, currently holding an approval rating of 65%, which is much higher than the MIB 2′s dismal 39% rating but lower than the original’s 90% rating.  And come on, Will Smith is in it, so you know its going to be full of snappy dialogue and sweet action shots, along with  some awesome CG and cool looking aliens!  I’m checking it out this weekend.

EDIT:  I saw it last night, here’s my review of MiB3:

- Prometheus: June 8

Wow I can’t wait to see this movie!  Prometheus has set my expectations super high with its amazing marketing campaign (if you haven’t noticed from my constant posting about it) and I have no doubt that it will still blow me away.  Be sure to check this one out, it will definitely be the best sci-fi movie of the summer and probably the year too!  The plot hasn’t been made fully clear (which is a good thing) but essentially it involves a space expedition led by Charlize Theron to find where humanity began.  It also takes place before Ridley Scott’s Alien and is sort of a prequel to it apparently!  I can’t wait to see this!

- Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: June 22

Watch Lincoln kill some vampires who are planning to take over the USA!  Based on the 2010 novel by Seth Grahame-Smith, and produced by Tim Burton, this film seems pretty bad-ass and yet so strange at the same time.  Not sure if it will be any good though but we’ll see…

- Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World: June 22

A comedy starring Steve Carell and Keira Knightley, friends who reunite when they discover the end of the world is near.  The trailer looks great and Carell is always funny!  I’m definitely going to check this one out!

- The Amazing Spiderman: July 3

The long awaited reboot of the Spiderman series starring The Social Network’s Andrew Garfield.  Honestly he looks like a great Peter Parker and while I was unsure about this movie, I really enjoyed the latest trailer.  The action shots look great and that tiny knife scene was actually really funny.  One thing that bothers me is that they advertise it as “the untold story” but besides that, I think this movie will turn out great.      We’ll have to see if it lives up to the original Spiderman series though…

- The Dark Knight Rises: July 21

Here it is, the conclusion to Chris Nolan’s incredible Batman series!  Honestly there’s not much to say about this one; just that Bane (played by Tom Hardy) is the bad guy and he’s gonna cause Batman some series pain.  Everyone who saw The Dark Knight has been waiting eagerly for this one so just go watch it, I’m sure it will be an amazing end to the series!

- Total Recall: August 3

A reboot of the 1990 film minus the trip to Mars plot, Total Recall takes place in the future and stars Colin Farrell as a simple blue-collar  worker who comes to belueve he is a spy who has had his mind wiped and that his lost memories may be crucial to the battle between Euroamerica and New Shanghai, the two new countries fighting for political power.  The cast is great and includes Jessica Beil and Kate Beckinsale (awesome) along with Bryan Cranston as the leader of Euroamerica, hopefully channelling some of his bad-ass Heisenberg side (if you aren’t watching Breaking Bad yet, start.  NOW!)  I really hope this movie lives up to the original, I hate crappy remakes.

Other Movies to check out:

  • Brave (June 22): It’s a Pixar movie so it has to be good!
  • Ted (June 29):  Mark Whalberg hangs out with a rude teddy bear voiced by Family Guy’s Seth Macfarlane.  It looks pretty funny!
  • The Bourne Legacy (August 3): Picks up where the third one ended and stars Jeremy Renner as a new agent.
  • The Campaign (August 10): Will Ferrell channels his inner George Bush in a political campaign against Zach Galifianakis.
  • The Expendables 2 (August 17): Non stop action and explosions.  ‘Nuff said.
What movies are you most looking forward to?  Comment below!


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