Remember the independent Star Trek shows I posted about the other day?  Well, one of them, Star Trek: Cardinal, is being pitched by its creator, Sal Lagonia, to CBS tomorrow!  If you would like to show support, share and Like them on Facebook here:!  You can also check out the Star Trek Cardinal website here:

Good luck Sal, we’re all rooting for you!

Here is a synopses of the show from their website:

In every great nation there is a moment – A period of time that tests the character of its populace, and from that test an empire is ready to be born or die at birth; To be a force of change, whether for good or ill, or to dissolve into irrelevance.

So too is it with great men, that a point will come in their lives when they can decide to be a powerful force to shape the universe in their image or to join the ranks of mediocrity.

Captain Michael Winters has had the unique opportunity to visit this point more than once in his life. The first time he tugged harshly at his bootstraps and became the hero many knew he could be. But over time, that idealism faded, and his second time around was not filled with the motivation of the first. The good man who had risen from the ashes once had now fallen, and as time went on he had accepted mediocrity.

It was to this Captain Winters that the unique and mysterious USS Cardinal was given. A small cutter, a relic of an older age. Launched in a more optimistic time, a hybrid of different technologies, and sporting an experimental engine that was as spectacular as it was dangerous, the ship was heralded as the dawning of a new age, and its launching was considered a chance to rescue its program from the public relations nightmare that had plagued it after cost-overruns, work stoppages and failures integrating components had turned the public against its grand new program.

Staffed with a celebrity crew and covered by the state media, Cardinal had been given its moment to shine amid much fanfare, and by the time that moment was over, its crew was dead, its engine in ruins and its main engineer Letus disgraced.

Letus had spent the night imploring Starfleet to put an experienced crew on his vessel, but he had been over-ruled. Starfleet’s hubris had led to the death of a dozen people, and Cardinal had to take the blame.

In mothballs for twenty years, Cardinal was dragged out of storage by a Starfleet strapped for vessels in an expanding galaxy, and in a fitting move, was paired with its other fallen star, and staffed by those who had nowhere else to go.

But Cardinal’s first mission – A simple investigation with little perceived danger – May be its second chance… And this time, the stakes have been raised. For failure means not only the loss of one man’s passion… But the loss of the entire Federation.

I really hope something comes of this, even if it can’t start until after the second JJ Abrams Trek film next year.  We need more space-based sci-fi on TV!  Since Syfy cancelled Stargate Universe prematurely, the best we’ve seen was Archer’s season 3 finale.

UPDATE:  Check here for an update on Star Trek: Cardinal:


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