After months of uncertainty, Syfy has decided to not bring back Sanctuary for a fifth season.  Considering that Syfy hadn’t mentioned in its schedule weeks ago, it isn’t much of a surprise.

Mark Stern, President of Syfy, had this to say:

“We’re honored to have been part of this incredible series. In addition to garnering unmatched devotion by fans worldwide, Sanctuary was a bona fide trailblazer, setting new standards with its highly innovative production techniques — including pioneering green screen and RED camera technology — and Emmy-nominated visual effects. It’s been an amazing ride and we look forward to our next project with Amanda Tapping, Martin Wood and Damian Kindler.”

Sanctuary, starring Stargate SG1′s Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter) started off as a successful web series that made the jump to TV and lasted 4 seasons made up of 59 episodes.

Amanda Tapping tweeted the following:

To all the fans of @SanctuarySeries we love and adore you. Thank you for the love and support. Now to the long dark tea time of my soul. :(

Will continue to try and do Tapping Tuesdays. Cause those were super fun! Xo p.s. @sanctuary4kids is still going strong and will continue!

Syfy has now ended Sanctuary and Eureka, two of its longest-lasting series’s.  Now it only has two actual science fiction programs running:  Warehouse 13 and Alphas, along with the upcoming show Defiance, a few shows currently in development, many unscripted shows and a few supernatural/ fantasy shows like Being Human and Haven.  The Syfy channel doesn’t seem to want to carry many ACTUAL science-fiction programs.


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