Is Credit One Bank The Right Card For Good Credit Borrowers

We are going to review the credit cards offered by Credit One bank. This is the literally the best second chance credit card on the market. You know your rock bottom if this credit card company denies you a credit card, as they accept people with horrible credit scores. This credit card company promises consumers that it will help repair and rebuild your credit score, and it will, provided that you never miss a payment, and try your best to make more than the minimum payment each month.

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The basics of this card are simple. This card is meant for people whose credit has been destroyed. If you have no trade lines active, this card offers you a fresh start, what you do with that fresh start is up to you. There is no frills or perks to this card. No balance transfer intros, no sign up bonus, no rewards, no purchase intro APR. What does it offer you? Just a credit card. A second chance.

The down side? Expect to get nickle and dimed to death, then some more. There are random fees, credit increase fees, a $99 a year annual fee and an APR of 29.9%. You want customer service? Sure go ahead and call them, you will be speaking to someone who lives in a hut in some 3rd world nation, and I can safely say he or she does not care about your 1st world problem, and the terrible English of these CSR’s will negate anything you are trying to make happen by calling.

Those down sides seem pretty harsh? Well the truth is, this card can indeed help you build your credit back up. If your credit has been destroyed, or if you have never had credit, this is a place to start. I myself owned this card once upon a time. It served its purpose, within 8 months I scored a Capital One credit card, by keeping my balance low after the first month. Month One I maxed this card out, then paid off the balance in full. Every month there after I used 10% of my available credit, or $40 to make a purchase, then paid off that balance in full every month. This resulted in a positive payment history, enough to show Capital One, who had denied me 8 months before hand to trust me with a credit card. For a second chance card, you can not complain to much, just understand what you are getting into. Also if you do get this card, you will need to keep it for about 3 years, even after you get new credit cards, since age of accounts is what matters along with your good payment history. After you have had 2 or 3 other credit cards for a period of 2 to 3 years you can safely close out this account.

Some Property Disasters Best Left To Professional Firms

Many homeowners and small business owners may be tempted to clean up smoke damage themselves, but this can prove to be a costly mistake. In fact, two of the most common mistakes non-professionals make is wetting the carpet or upholstery too much and using too much shampoo. While you can rent some equipment and give it a go, if you do not know the best methods for removing smoke and soot, you may end up damaging the items further or worse yet, ruin them and have to replace them. Moreover, missed smoke and ash during the cleaning process will cause extensive corrosion, etching and discoloration over time, not to mention strong lingering odors. Plastic items generally discolor within minutes after a fire. Items made from fiberglass appliance finishes will begin to yellow within hours. Metals can tarnish, and if left untreated too long, ash will cause fabrics and interior walls to permanently become discolored.

It makes better fiscal sense to hire a professional restoration service to carefully remove the tough stuff like black soot from carpet, drapes, and upholstery, among other things – and you should hire one quickly. A careful assessment of the damage must be taken; including any potential safety concerns, for most damage is overlooked by the naked eye. Understanding the type of residue left from a fire is an important first step. Whether it is wet smoke, dry smoke, or fuel oil soot, or fire extinguisher residue, technicians who have been certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification process know best how to get the job done and with the best results.

For example, soot is an oil-based substance that should be removed quickly in order to avoid dirt’s magnetic-like attraction to it. However, because it is oil-based, it must also be extracted carefully so that it is not driven deeper into fabrics and carpeting. This usually requires special equipment like powerful vacuums, wet cleaning tools, rotary scrubbers, and special extractors which inject steam into fabrics and carpeting, allowing for a deeper level of suction with minimal or no detergent residue. When it comes to furniture, having the proper tools to separate the feet from the newly cleaned carpet is also important in order to protect wood stain from bleeding into the carpet while it dries. Professional restoration services will also use industry-standard equipment like ozone machines, dehumidifiers, air movers and air scrubbers to address air quality issues as well.

Another important reason to hire a certified restoration service is to facilitate the claims process with your insurance adjuster. Unfortunately, adjusters will often recommend items like carpet, upholstered furniture and drapes be replaced with it comes to smoke damage. A certified IICRC technician, on the other hand, can explain what items can be salvaged and restored if proper cleaning materials and techniques are applied. This can reduce the claim loss and allow the majority, if not all the expenses to be covered per the specifications of your insurance policy.

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Considering potential unseen safety issues and all the technical know-how required in identifying the type of smoke damage and how to clean it properly, in the end, you will get more bang for your buck hiring a professional right out of the gate. In a smoke damage situation, the American determination to roll up your sleeves and get the job done does not mean doing it yourself – it means calling a certified, professional restoration service to get the job done right the first time.